Frederick Maximus Berserkowitz and the Omnirune

Frederick Maximus Berserkowitz walked slowly down the hall of his old estate calling after his servant.

“Suirad!?… Suirad, where are you?” Where has that man wandered off to? He wondered as he entered into the study. “Suirad?”

“You called master?” Suirad suddenly appeared next to him. “Excuse me sir, I was in the privy.”

“Do not apologize, Suriad. Next time simply call out. Now I wish your help in an experiment, will you please attend me?” Frederick knew the man would not refuse, but it was a courtesy to ask.  At least I think it is. He thought as he looked into his servants kind face.

“Of course, sir. Please lead the way.” They walked down the lavishly furnished hallway and into the basement of the large house. Large contraptions, boilers, tubes, burners, and other instruments cluttered the space. Frederick Maximus Berserkowitz was, after all, one of the greatest minds in Runeology in this age, and not only that, but one of the most gifted Casters as well. Although if you asked him about his gift, he would only scoff and say something like, “This is no gift, I worked hard to obtain what I have.” Frederick moved through the small pathways with ease, Suirad following behind. In the back of the large, and overly crowded basement laboratory they came to a small round box. Within the box was laid a most clever and intricately woven piece of metal that Suirad had ever seen.

“Now Suriad, I need you to take this rune and Cast. While you are connected to the plain of creation I want you to gather the largest stone you can, just add mass until you can add no more. While you do that, I will push through your personal rune and see if I can create one as big.” For the last two years Frederick had withdrawn from all his academic duties, ceased teaching classes, and withdrawn from his place on the board of the School of the Casters. In his mind it was a completely logical move. What could compete with discovering, or creating, as Frederick now believed it would be, the Omnirune. The most powerful artifact of myth, legend, and campfire story in every generation of time.

Suriad casted. Frederick following quickly. To a normal persons eyes, Suriad and Frederick would just be standing there, in a dimly lit room filled with strange contraptions. To a casters eyes they could see the forces of creation start to form, to create. and to build whatever the caster envisioned. At this moment, They would see matter being pushed and bound to make sand, and then a small stone, and then continuing onward to large boulders.

Suriads boulders growth slowed. It was near the size of a small two bedroom home. It only existed in the plan of creation however, so it didn’t yet affect the real world. If Suriad finished the cast, it would be pulled into existence in a flash, and crush the basement. Frederick frowned in disappointment. Although the stone was very large, especially for Suriad and his limited Casting ability, It was well within Fredericks means, even with Suriads Rune.

“Dissolve the cast.” Frederick said grumpily as his own stone faded back to mist.

“I am sorry” Suriad said.

“It is no matter, It was the largest stone I have ever seen you Cast, that is something. Just not as good as I had hoped.” Frederick sighed. “I won’t need your assistance any longer today Suriad. Perhaps you should go visit your mother. I need to formulate a new alloy of metal. Thank you.”

“As you wish Master.” Suriad said as he bowed. As he straightened he disappeared, jumped into the plain of creation to travel in moments to his mothers home.

Frederick grimaced. Six months of work for a slightly more powerful Rune. What did I miss? It should have worked. He stomped across his lab. Throwing the expertly crafted Rune into a cast iron metallurgist pot. He turned the gas burner on full. There was only one thing to do. Try again.

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